Taking Care Of Underwear

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Underwear is responsible for keeping your regions dry and free from any moisture build up. It is because of this reason that we need to take care of them as ladies. Here are some tips that I absolutely believe work.

Wash them

Wash your underwear immediately you take them off. Do not store them like the rest of your laundry then wash all of them. This is to avoid disasters like:

  • growth of bacteria from all the moisture your undies absorb.
  • staining from the acidic nature of the vaginal discharge.
  • staining from any menstrual blood you might have exposed them to.

It is best to hand wash your underwear than to use a washing machine. Washing machines may be very harsh on your underwear leaving them with loose straps. If you really really need to use a washing machine, consider putting your underwear in a mesh bag to keep them safe.

Sun-dry them

Once you have washed your underwear, ensure that you dry them out in the sun. Even if there is no sun, ensure that they have at least been exposed to fresh air. This is because, sun rays have the ability to kill off any bacteria that may be present in your undies. They also completely dry out your undies and hence you won’t have to worry about the smell that is left on damp clothes. Mother nature has got your back.

Do not use harsh products

Every intimate health discussion always has a, “Do not use harsh or scented products….” Basically harsh or scented products disrupt the pH of your vagina to be precise. In return, this does not favour the growth of the good kind of bacteria that would keep your vagina healthy.

Using harsh or scented products on your undies does the same. The products leave your underwear with a scent and as a result leads to negative effects on your vagina. Unscented soap and water is enough to keep your underwear clean.

Store them properly

Your underwear is clean, dry and ready to be stored in your wardrobe or drawer. As you do this, ensure you fold them into small rectangular boxes, just to keep them neat. Arrange them according to material, colour, functionality or pattern. This will make it easy for you whenever you want to pick underwear from your wardrobe or drawer.

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Soak them

After a very long time of washing your underwear daily, ensure you soak all of them once in a while. As you do this, ensure not to mix pure white underwear with other coloured underwear to avoid any unforeseen accidents. I encourage soaking once in a while so as to get rid of extra dirt or bacteria that may build up overtime.


Underwear are very delicate yet do so much for us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are in shape and can serve us at any moment.

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